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Name Changes :

Notice to Persons who have had their Name Changed


This is for informational purposes only.


There are certain things you should do once you have had your name legally changed. These are just some of the most common areas that may need attention. If you have any questions about obtaining certified copies of the order changing your name, you should contact the Court Administrator in the county where your case is filed. If you have anyquestions about documents to complete or forms to obtain, you should contact the department or agency directly involved and not the court. For example, the driver's license bureau can tell you what you must do to change your driver's license.

You must file a certified copy of the order granting the name change with the County Recorder of each county in which you, your spouse or minor children have an interest in land.

The following is a list of items for your consideration:

·       Driver's license  I.D. card (must be changed within 30 days).

·       Social Security registration.

·       Voter's registration.

·       State and federal tax authorities.

·       Insurance companies and pension/retirement company or department at work.

·       Social service or other entitlement programs.

·       Change car titles (also your insurance company).

·       Bank and other institutions where you have loans, checking accounts and savings.

·       Amend your Will, if you have one (see your attorney about this and other legal items).

·       Credit card accounts and other charge accounts.

·       Update records at school and university.

·       If you are of draft age, the registration office should be informed of your new name.

·       Military benefits, if you have such rights.

·       Doctor's office, dentist, pharmacy and hospital may need to amend their records so your future insurance claims can be properly processed with your insurance carrier.

·       Postmaster and mail carrier.

·       Passport Office can be notified by submitting a Passport Amendment Form, See Passport agent for details.

·       Bureau of Criminal Apprehension as required by Minn. Stat. § 259.11-13.

Warning: The information does not create an attorney - client relationship.  This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for legal advice.
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